As with buying a home, everything happens in the first 90 seconds. We have a very little time to make a good impression and it goes through appearance.

So how to dress up to turn job interview into employment?

1. You must be yourself

Every recruiter says it, you have to feel good, comfortable in your clothes and shoes to express yourself and move with the most ease and confidence. Choose your winner’s garment and go.

For example, if a woman never wears skirts and heels, she should not wear them on for this occasion because she would feel “disguised”, uncomfortable and that would show up in her behavior with the recruiter. Her discomfort would be heard and seen, which would not put her in a good position to get the job.

2. Have a look that reflects the company and position

The hotel and catering industries are rather classical. Eccentricities are allowed but not immediately … Before each interview, every candidate should inquire about the company, to ensure that his appearance sticks to the brand image of the establishment. Is it a family restaurant or gourmet? A charming bed and breakfast or a world-renowned hotel?

Recruitment experts agree that the coveted position is a crucial element in the choice of clothing to wear during an interview. Tailors or tie-suits are strongly recommended for a management position or for a management member, whereas for the other positions, a careful dress is sufficient.

True story number 1:We have recently seen a candidate come forward to be a waiter in a family but elegant establishment, in short with holes and gougounes … that it was not winner! Needless to say, he was’nt hired.

True story number 2: for an interview for a dishwasher position, two candidates applied, one is in tuxedo, patent shoes, leather case in a hand and the other wore a t-shirt and a jeans with holes and wrinkled. Too much, it’s like not enough !

If you are a chef, and if you are tattooed, you have more in common with Paul Bocuse, Martin Juneau, Antoine Sicotte and Chuck Hughes than you think.
These 4 daring are all recognized and tattooed cooks (yes, Paul Bocuse is tattooed!) And thanks to them, prejudices about tattoos tend to disappear. You decorate your bodies and your plates but during an interview, wear a shirt and ask your recruiter for his position on tattoos in the kitchen.

3. The perfume?

Warning ! Very many people are very sensitive and do not tolerate perfumes very much. You could spend your interview in a very small room and if your perfume disturbs the recruiter the interview could end much faster than expected

To summarize :

– Make comfortable clothing that respects your personality;
– Wearing discreet jewelry, we’re not in a US rap video☺;
– Avoid the miniskirt and the plunging neckline;
– Choose a light makeup;
– Put on closed shoes at all times, with the exception of sandals that are allowed in the summer;
– Avoid high-heeled shoes over 3 inches;
– Have hair clean and tidy;
– Ensure that your appearance is consistent and harmonious: clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup and hairstyle must match.

Be yourself and get the job!

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