How to quickly find local skilled staff in the hospitality industry ?

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Welcome to the collaborative recruitment era

Find local, flexible, skilled employees or temporary staffing jobs. Evaluate and recommend to help the community make the right choice.

Each profile puts the member forward better than a traditional resume.


Need last minute staff?

An increase in reservations, an employee doesn’t show up or will very be late ? With, you’ll find local skilled employees ready to come work within the hour.

Run a job posting in 60 seconds, and hire skilled staff connected in real time.


Find temp jobs when you’re available, close to your home.

Choose your boss! Work where, when and at the wage you want!

Get connected: connects employers and workers from hospitality industry, including hotels, bars, restaurants, night-clubs and caterers.

Eliminate the risk of absent employees or cut shift by planning one step ahead. is your new assistant, available 24/7 which will make you earn money

Frequently asked questions

How to register ?

Directly on the site by filling out the profile (candidate or employer). Dear candidate, make sure to accurately fill out your online résumé to optimize the algorithm matching process!

What jobs are offered ?

All positions in the hotel, restaurant, food-truck, bar, night-club, and catering business are represented. In the kitchen (chef, saucier, dishwasher … ), dining area (manager, barmaid , waiter, busboy … ), the hotel’s spa (massage therapist, beautician …), at the reception, room service, or as a DJ or dancer, everyone will find their extra temp job.

What locations?

We are located in the Montreal area (including the northern and southern shores), but we should spread quickly to the entire country, so you can can travel freely as a work opportunity will be readily available.

When will the’s mobile app be available ?

The iOS and Android apps should be available in the summer 2018.

For now, add the shortcut to your smartphone favorites.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question