Hello and Welcome to OhMyJob.com !

The paradise of casual jobs in the hospitality industry.

We have two passions: entrepreneurship and the restaurant industry!

In fact we’ve spent most of our time running around, moving left and right, building restaurants from the ground up. So we know that starting from scratch is hard whether you are looking to hire or be hired for casual jobs.

The process is tedious, tiresome and really isn’t any fun. We grew tired of conventional job search websites and didn’t feel like spending hours hand delivering CV’s in the cold.

We would have loved for there to be a way for this to work like a dating app.

You look at their pictures, read the comments people left them, get a chance to talk to people directly and be able to pick those closest to us!

Unfortunately this system didn’t exist yet… until now!

Trust us, we aren’t some guys straight out of business school looking to shake things up. We are professionals of the retail and restaurant industries with long careers behind us. We understand your needs, and want yo give you a hand.

All of this brings us to where we are now: OhMyJob.com

So enjoy and go meet people from around the world who are ready to offer you a world of opportunities.


Samantha and Grégory

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You wish to be a member of this big and new adventure, you are motivated in 200 % and especially the hospitality industry fascinates you? You too are looking for casual jobs which can be transform in a cash full time job? We are in search at present of trainees in marketing, SEO, social networks, sell and to programmation.

We are hiring for a lot of people because it takes lots of people to do great things.

Contact us by e-mail in: info@ohmyjob.com.