Dear candidate, discovers our profile employer and the place where we suggest you coming to work a few hours !

Take time to look well at our photos, to read the description of our establishment and our specialities, and apply at our job offer without any hesitation.

We have permanent staff who is very nice but we need you to replace an absent or because we have a rush of planned this day there. This is a casual job to fill a lack of personnel.

The feedback and the reviews which we received from our former casual workers will allow you to feel reassured and to make the good choice, by coming to our place.

If however our meter of stars is always in zero it is simply because we have had no opportunity of hired our first candidate in extra for an occasional job via yet. We count on you to gain our first stars! 🙂

After your mission at our business, don’t forget to leave us your evaluation and your comment to encourage the next candidates to come to work a few hours with us.

Thank you and see you soon with us !

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